Why no Facebook/Google+/LinkedIn/Tumblr/… buttons?

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If you read something here which you enjoy, feel free to share it by email, on your blog, or through a social media account!  But I do not include social media buttons on my site.  Social media companies use these buttons to spy on you and track you around the web. They sell or trade this information or give it to officials who may or may not have the authority to ask for it, and people working for these companies sometimes access it for personal reasons. I can’t see any way in which including that sort of filth on my blog would be ethical, because the tracking does not stop when you leave. Less importantly, these things waste bandwidth, clutter pages, and create security holes (example, more hypothetical approach). None of those things tastes good to me either. But if you see something which you enjoy, feel free to copy the URL and pass it on by whatever means you like.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation maintains a good introduction to privacy and security on the web at https://ssd.eff.org/

Someone learned in these matters and not limited by WordPress has described their own solution here.