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As starving students or devotees of Hans Rosling talks know, washing clothes and dishes by hand is sweaty, time consuming work. Soldiers don’t always have a change of clothes, but dishes, cookpots, and underwear still need washing, and the outer garments needed brushing and de-licing now and then.

… the cuneiform text for a clothes washer
… Rosalind Hall, Egyptian Textiles pp. 48-56
… Odyssey on Odysseus and the Phaiatian princess with her maidservants

… The verbs ἐκπλύνω and πλύνω “to wash” in Theophrastus, Characters, 22.9 (the mean man), 30.10 (the avaricious man) as well as γναφεῖς or κναφεύς “fuller?” in Theophrastus, Characters, 10.14 (the penurious man), 18.5 (the distrustful man)

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