Sacks, Pouches, and Purses
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Sacks, Pouches, and Purses

a poorly scanned line drawing of two ancient Greek soldiers with baggage on their shoulders
Does anyone know where this random line drawing from corporate social media comes from?

TODO in progress

In Mesopotamia all leather products were made by the leatherworker ({lu2}AŠGAB/aškāpu) who also dyed skins.

… RlA s.v. Leder(industrie), Chehrābād sack, Elephantine bag, leather purse full of silver in a grave from Uruk (the {kuš}hindu in BM 41663 + 41698 + 41905 lines 16′, 28′ / Holtz, Trial Records p. 139? CAD H pages 192, 193 under <himtu>, provided to Aramean troops in SAA 19.17) …

{kuš}LU.UB2 (luppu: CAD L page 252, CTMMA IV No. 100:10: can hold gold or a GUR (180 L) of produce)

mē nādi “water from a skin” (Old Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh)

Cloth bag of beads from Nippur V (Neo-Assyrian period: McCown, Nippur I, p. 98)

Greek θύλακος “bag, purse, ball”

Bedroll in a Red Figure painting from Italy (thanks Jean Contamine also in Connolly’s Ancient City)

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