Sheaths and Sword-Belts
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Sheaths and Sword-Belts

Swords and Sheaths

A picture of three engraved brasses showing the sword belts of knights. All of the swords hang upright, one from a hip belt, one from a belt which wraps around a high waist at the right to a low hip on the left, and one from two short angled straps attached to a hip belt
Three common ways of wearing a sword in western European art, 1360-1410. Left: From a hip belt (brass of Ralph de Knevynton: St Michael’s Church, Aveley, Essex, England). Middle: From a slanted belt (brass of William Loveny: Church of St Mary the Virgin, Wendens Ambo, Essex, England). Right: From a hip belt on two short straps (brass of Sir John de St Quintin: Church of St. Mary, Brandesburton, England). Images courtesy of Effigies and Brasses (middle) and the Medieval Combat Society (left, and right).

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