Dealers in Replicas
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Dealers in Replicas

Suppliers for historical crafts covers raw materials, but it can be hard to keep track of who sells which finished things too. With the shipping crisis of 2021/2022 its also important to remember where something is shipping from. This page is divided by regions: North America, western Europe, and eastern Europe.

Since many stores import the same inaccurate products from low-wage countries, more stores does not necessarily offer a wider range of products.

North America


Western Europe

Eastern Europe


A Selyem Turul for cloth items.

Battlemerchant (DE) offer everything up to middle ages and LARP kit.

Classicfabrics (NL)

La Casa del recreador (ES)
Labortemporis (DE)
Wulflund offers mostly Celtic and Slav/Middle Age;
Qualisarma (FR)

Edit 2022-06-21: added Armour and Castings, Clang Armoury

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