Cross-Post: Dinthwaite Medieval Village Foundation
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Cross-Post: Dinthwaite Medieval Village Foundation

screenshot of the kickstarter pages for Dinthwaite Medieval Village Foundation

A group in the USA are fundraising to create a replica medieval village as a site for living history and experimental archaeology in the wooded hills near Kansas City. There are several living history parks in Europe, but they have been harder to start in the USA and Canada. The Dinthwaite Foundation is trying to start at the basics by working with local governments and making sure all the legal basics of a nonproffit are in order. This requires some money to hire lawyers and create a fund to pay annual administrative fees. The focus will be on the later part of the middle ages. Whereas sites like Historic Jamestown focus on public education, they hope to focus on experiments and living history.

Reenactment and living history often focus on millitary camps or market fairs because of the lack of proper buildings for anything else. And building your house on someone else’s land is a problem for reenactors like for other people! Past projects have come apart when a landowner died or lost interest and the people who had built things could no longer access the site. I don’t know any project like this in the USA or Canada which focuses on the middle ages (there is a Roman fort in Arkansas and Historic Jamestown in Virginia). So if you value projects like this, back this by December the 31st.

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