Notice to Followers on RSS
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Notice to Followers on RSS

Hi all! I am trying to track down the source of heavy traffic to my site this year. Part of it was a misconfigured Cron job, but another source is RSS feeders like and; On suggestion of my web host I tweaked my WordPress settings so that the RSS feed only gets an excerpt instead of the full post. If this is a problem you know where to contact me!

Sadly, a lot of IT work is trial and error just like making things with your hands. We can’t always definitively prove what caused a problem or why a fix worked.

(scheduled 3 August)

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2 thoughts on “Notice to Followers on RSS

  1. russell1200 says:

    I use feedly – excerpts are fine.

    1. Sean says:

      Good to know! I figured out a way to get a breakdown of bandwidth consumption by IP address and that will help me decide if there are still single IP addresses consuming at least 1% of bandwidth. Still want to review the historical data too.

      Maybe I am just getting more visitors than Koko Analytics recognizes and they are mostly quiet people who don’t share it with big audiences or comment? (And the Internet sure has plenty of comments and opinions).

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