New Academic Publications on Greek and Roman Warfare
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New Academic Publications on Greek and Roman Warfare

Roel Konijnendijk has published his second monograph, on the intellectual climate in Germany in the late 19th and early 20th century and how that influenced the writing of ancient military history. Its from Brill, so its priced for libraries not individuals (if you can’t borrow a copy or have your library buy one, email him for other options!) I think a research history like this would play to his strengths. Just remember that there was also research in French and Russian before and after serious ancient history started to be written in English!

Blogger Bret Devereaux of A Collection of Unmitigated Pedantry is slowly getting publications through the academic publishing system between his teaching, blogging, social media, articles for policy magazines, and podcast appearances (solidarity fact: one of my articles which passed peer review for a conference proceedings in summer 2013 has still not appeared, and one thing which was accepted by the first academic venue in 2018 was printed by someone else in 2022!) They are not open access but if you have library access check them out!

Richard Taylor has published his second book on Iron Age Greek warfare. I reviewed the first book, on the Macedonian phalanx, and plan to review the second. Like all of Pen & Sword’s books it is reasonably priced and well produced physically.

  • Taylor, Richard (2021) The Greek Hoplite Phalanx: The Iconic Heavy Infantry of Classical Greece (Pen & Sword Military: Barnsley, Yorkshire)

Edit 2023-03-24: also

  • Joshua R. Hall, Louis Rawlings, and Geoff Lee (eds.), Unit Cohesion and Warfare in the Ancient World: Military and Social Approaches (Routledge, 2023)
  • Konijnendijk, Roel / Echeverría, Fernando (2023) “Max Weber, the Rise of the Polis, and the ‘Hoplite Revolution’ Theory,” Journal of the History of Ideas, Volume 84, Number 1, January 2023 pp. 103-125

(scheduled 27 December 2022, updated 6 February 2023)

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2 thoughts on “New Academic Publications on Greek and Roman Warfare

  1. Pavel Vaverka says:

    Dear Sean, thank You very much about tips for the articles. I’m curious about Deveraux works (even if I can’t accept his blog equation that in ancient warfare technological advance is irrelevant and morale matters more in battle). This article seems also unique I’m considering Taylor because he’s very good author, yet I have to probably save more budget for Pyrrhic wars theme.

    1. Sean says:

      At least on his blog, Bret Devereaux says some questionable things about production processes or arms and armour or logistics, but his blog posts are like university lectures: the details may not all be right (no time for that level of research and proofreading) but they lead you in the right direction. I would be interested in seeing his formal research.

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