Plataia 2022 is Happening Now
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Plataia 2022 is Happening Now

a group of hoplite reenactors formed in ranks and files next to a ruined wall
Reenactors on the walls of Plataea. Photo by Photo by Ilia Iatroo, “Plataea 2021-2022” group, Facebook

The long-planned reenactment event at the ruins of Plataia in Greece is finally happening! The event website is

I can’t be there because of health problems, a very low income, the abandonment of infection-control measures against COVID-19, and the difficulties of organizing the event. But I recommend that my gentle readers check out the event site including Virtual Plataia! Material will probably continue to appear on the Internet and on social media after the event ends on 31 July 2022.

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  1. 2022 Year-Ender – Book and Sword says:

    […] was in spring and had no infection-control policy, while I regretfully had to say no to attending Plataea 2022. Organizing international events in the plague time is a challenge, but so is finding a safe and […]

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