Cross-Post: International Ancient Warfare Conference 2022
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Cross-Post: International Ancient Warfare Conference 2022

a socketed steel spearhead on a varnished wooden table
What questions can we ask about a spear? Find out at IAWC 2022

The latest International Ancient Warfare Conference will happen online from Thursday 23 June to Saturday 25 June under the sponsorship of Prof. Graham Wrightson in South Dakota. I am speaking in session 14 from 10.45 to 12.15 Saturday. The topic I picked is “Get to the Point: What Questions Should We Ask About a Spear?”

Sessions are open to the public and will not be publicly recorded (I may share my talk afterwards). There is no website for the conference, but here are a list of panels with links. All times are US Central Time (UTC -5.00).

Day 1 – Thursday June 23 from 8.30-18.00 US Central Time (UTC -5.00)

Day 2 – Friday June 24 from 8.00-17.00 US Central Time

Day 3 Saturday June 25 from 9.00-14.00 US Central Time

See some of you there!

(scheduled 20 June 2022)

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2 thoughts on “Cross-Post: International Ancient Warfare Conference 2022

  1. Mike Robbins says:

    Why were some tip rounded?

    1. Sean says:

      Do you mean spears with rounded tips? I can’t think of a lot of those, could you show what you mean? Swords with rounded tips might be intended to pierce unarmoured bodies but not get stuck in shields or break when thrusting against steel armour (R. Warzecha)

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