Upcoming Online Conference Plataea 2.5k
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Upcoming Online Conference Plataea 2.5k

a screenshot from a conference website showing a Red Figure vase and an Achaemenid seal impression

On Friday 8 April from 13.00 to 15.15 Harvard time I will be speaking at an online conference, The Battle of Plataea 2.5k: Questions, Contexts, Echos. I believe registration is open to the public and panels may be released online in some form. This is not related to the reenactment event being organized in Greece.

At some point I want to write up my current project making spears, and my next project making shields. Until then, I have a thread on the connections between panel painting and shield-making on Mastodon. Its fun to bring together Theophrastus the philosopher, Theophilius the monk, and Cennini the painter with the anonymous workers who made shields for Tutankhamun, a Celt buried in Egypt, and a man buried in pre-imperial Italy. I hope to track down some of the intriguing cuneiform invoices for materials consumed in shield-making.

Edit: Oh, and the Reallexikon der Assyriology is now open access https://publikationen.badw.de/de/rla

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