Cross-Post: Bronze Spear Workshop, England, 11 July
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Cross-Post: Bronze Spear Workshop, England, 11 July

a 39.5 cm long socketed spearhead with two crescent-shaped holes in the wide parts of its head
Isn’t it cool? And very La Tène 500 years before that archaeological culture. A bronze spear from Hampshire, England found in the 19th century: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Accession Number: 1998.540.1

Neil Burridge of Bronze Age Swords is teaching a spear casting workshop at Berrycroft Hub in Oxfordshire, England on 11 June 2022. I am not sure whether he uses modern casting techniques or historical horsedung-and-clay moulds. The event has a website here (link). I am told that some people are travelling again and the COVID pandemic is likely to be in a lull in summer 2022.

PS. The roundhouse at the Scottish Crannog Centre at Loch Tay, Scotland burned down on 11 June 2021 (link). You can follow their situation at There is a new project to rebuild a broch in Caithness, Scotland at

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