MA Scholarship on the Roman Army (Manitoba)
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MA Scholarship on the Roman Army (Manitoba)

A scholarship to do a two-year Master’s degree on the Roman army in the east between the University of Manitoba and Dr. Conor Whately at the University of Winnipeg has just been announced on the Canadian Classical Bulletin.

The two-year MA student (2022-2024) will be responsible for putting together detailed prosopographies of the people of the southeast frontier, with a particular emphasis on the three principal collections of papyri, those from the Babatha Archive, those from Nessana, and those from Petra. While a detailed record of the individuals that can be compiled from the other evidence would be no less useful, chronologically a lot of this material is more difficult to pin down, and much of it is more diffuse geographically. A good example is the Hauran graffiti, most of which can only be dated to within a few centuries. And this is despite the abundance of epigraphic evidence from the larger region in late antiquity in particular. The student will be required to compile this information over the course of their degree with the hopes that some or much of this material could form the basis of their MA thesis, to be completed in the second year. The MA RA will also be responsible for helping me to organize and run, a workshop on soldiers and civilians in the ancient Mediterranean world to be held at the University of Winnipeg, with a view to hosting the workshop in the fall of the start of their second year here (2023) (pandemic permitting).

The deadline for applications is 15 January 2022. The scholarship is CAD 17,500 per year (two years maximum) plus a research allowance of CAD 500 per year (n.b.: scholarship income in Canada is tax-free, but ask whether the student will be exempt from paying tuition fees). For further details see the Canadian Classical Bulletin.

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