The Oakeshott Institute has been Robbed
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The Oakeshott Institute has been Robbed

The Oakeshott Institute in Minnesota, a centre for studying the medieval sword and sharing that knowledge with the public, has been robbed by its payment processor Paypal. Paypal froze its account and then confiscated the money in it for unclear reasons. Paypal has a history of freezing or confiscating accounts (it is a safe way of transferring money, but a very dangerous place to store money). The Institute does not have a large endowment or an institutional sponsor, and during the pandemic they have had to cancel their in-person fundraising events. This robbery left the Institute with almost no cash. So Craig Johnson and Dr. Nathan Clough of Arms & Armor have launched a GoFundMe (link) to raise enough money to pay the rent and the electricity bill and keep Ewart Oakeshott’s collection safe for the next generation.

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