Cross-Post: Steel Symposium
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Cross-Post: Steel Symposium

A plate armour for a cat's head, neck, and shoulders
Yes, the cat armour/mouse armour guy is based in Calgary!

Lorica Clothing in the United States is organizing an online armour scholarship conference from 3 to 9 May using Zoom (warning! security and privacy catastrophe).

BEHOLD! The running list of our confirmed speakers for next week’s Steel Symposium, a series of lectures and forums centering on the history of and the art inspired by medieval and Renaissance armors. ⚔️ I am so thrilled by the roster of brilliant minds we’ll be learning from, and I hope I’ll see you there!

Sunday, May 3
2 pm EDT (UTC-4)‎
Making & Using Armor: A Studio Tour with Jeff Wasson
Presented by Jeff Wasson

Monday, May 4
6 pm EDT (UTC-4)‎
A Knightly Art: Armor as a Medium of Memory
Presented by Chassica Kirchhoff

Tuesday, May 5
6 pm EDT (UTC-4)‎
Cloth of Steel: Costume Armour of the German Renaissance
Presented by Tobias Capwell

Wednesday, May 6
6 pm EDT (UTC-4)‎
Steel for the Small: The Art of Jeff de Boer
A conversation with Jeff de Boer

Thursday, May 7
6 pm EDT (UTC-4)‎
Where Dreamers Find Courage: The Art of Lumecluster
A conversation with Melissa Ng

Friday, May 8
6 pm EDT (UTC-4)‎
A Brief Introduction to South Asian Armor
Presented by Rachel Parikh and Francesca Levey

Saturday, May 9
2 pm EDT (UTC-4)‎
Mail in Art: Reconstructing Mail Armor Using Depictions
Presented by Isak Krogh

Aside from the included Zoom links, you can see their Facebook page (warning! surveillance)

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