Dis Manibus Steven Johansson (20 September 2019)
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Dis Manibus Steven Johansson (20 September 2019)

Issue 269 of Knights of the Table magazine with an all-black cover except for the title and company logo
Some time in the late 1990s “Guys! The first time one of us dies, we have to give them an all-black cover on the magazine.” “I see what you are doing, you just want a promise before you step in front of a bus and get the coveted cover spot. Munchkin! Look, this Knights of the Dinner Table thing will be gone before any of us …”

Steven Konrad Johansson of Kenzer and Company, an Illinois comic book, board game, and roleplaying game company, died in his sleep on 20 September 2019. Major projects include editing, layout, and art design for Knights of the Dinner Table magazine (currently on its 269th monthly issue!), two editions of the Hackmaster RPG (especially the ten-volume Hacklopedia of Beasts), elements of the Kingdom of Kalamar RPG setting (hobgoblins, the Old Man, topography), the Western RPG Aces and Eights (also in two editions), and a career as an infantry officer in the United States Army Reserve (he retired as Major). Trying to stay in business in the RPG industry makes trying to launch an academic career look like selling water at Burning Man.

I have never met anyone in the Kenzerco family, but reading KotDT gave a younger me a glimpse of an exotic Midwestern world which made the ex-SCAdians I later met feel familiar. And I think the world needs more stories from that small-town, little-bit-of-college, some-kind-of-a-job place and about friendships between the broken, human people who live in it and the amazing things they do with their passion. You can find a full obituary at Colonial Funeral.

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