Dis Manibus: Matthew Trundle (12 July 2019)
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Dis Manibus: Matthew Trundle (12 July 2019)

Garrett G. Fagan died of pancreatic cancer in March 2017. His collaborator Matthew Trundle has also died of cancer. From the Canadian Classical Bulletin:

Matthew Trundle (12 October 1965–12 July 2019) obtained his PhD from the Department of History, McMaster University in 1996. He then taught at Glendon College in Toronto before being appointed as a Lecturer in Classics at Victoria University of Wellington, NZ, in 1999. He rose to the rank of Associate Professor in 2011. The following year, he was appointed to a chair in Classics and Ancient History at the University of Auckland. Matthew died from leukaemia in Wellington, NZ.

Trundle wrote a book on Greek mercenaries, and with Fagan he edited “New Perspectives on Ancient Warfare” which contains several useful articles including Peter Krentz on the weight of hoplite kit.

Edit: And don’t forget Trundle’s article on “The Spartan Revolution” which argued that the Spartans decided every Spartiate should be a hoplite in the sixth century BCE, well after the conquest of Messenia and enslavement of the helots. It was part of the shift in perspective on Greek warfare from trying to find an unchanging, pan-Hellenic “hoplite warfare” to seeing early Greece as a place where society and military practices continually changed.

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