Cross-Post: Subscriptions to Robin Netherton’s Festschrift
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Cross-Post: Subscriptions to Robin Netherton’s Festschrift

Until 1 August 2019, Boydell and Brewer are accepting subscriptions for a Festschrift to textile historian Robin Netherton. Subscribers can buy the volume for 40 GBP/70 USD rather than the 70 GBP/135 USD retail price, and will get their name in the book. Chapters will include:

  • Introduction
  • Robin Netherton: A Life
  • Precious Offerings: Dressing Devotional Statues in Medieval England
  • Dressing the Earth: an Eleventh-century Garb in the Exultet Roll of Bari
  • Dress, Disguise, and Shape-Shifting in Nibelungenlied and Volsunga Saga
  • Survival, Recovery, Restoration, Re-creation: the Long Life of Medieval Garments
  • Coping with Connoisseurship: Issues in Attribution and Purpose raised by an Indo-Portuguese “Vestment” in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Refashioning St. Edward: Clothing and Textiles
  • “Dressed to Kill:” The Clothing of Christ’s Tormentors in an Illustrated Polish Devotional Manuscript
  • Semper Ubi Sub Ubi: What Braies Cover and Reveal
  • Treason and Clothing in Sixteenth-Century England: The Case of Gregory “Sweetlips” Botolf
  • The Lexicon of Apparel in the Pastourelle Corpus: Refashioning Shepherdesses
  • The Real Unreal: Chrétien de Troyes’s Fashioning of Erec and Enide
  • Regulating and Refashioning Dress: Sumptuary Legislation and its Enforcement in Fourteenth- and Early Fifteenth-Century Lucca
  • Nuns’ Clothing and Ornaments in English and Northern French Ecclesiastical Regulations
  • Clothing Dependents: Dress of Children and Servants in the Petre Household, 1586-1587

To subscribe, download the order form at

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