Cross-Post: Bronze Sword Workshop, Scotland, 7-8 August
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Cross-Post: Bronze Sword Workshop, Scotland, 7-8 August

Six unpolished bronze swords laid on the grass
Photo care of Neil Burridge of Bronze Age Swords

Neil Burridge had to give up his annual bronze sword workshops when he noticed his competitors taking them, but he is making an exception this year. These days he holds them at the Scottish Crannog Center near Aberfeldy in Perthshire

Sword workshop 2019 7th – 8th August @ crannog center

I have decided to run a sword workshop exploring Scottish Ewart Park swords at the Crannog Center. I ran one two years ago and really enjoyed it, still have to work out the details and places will be limited maybe 6 and will include an experimental clay mould casting and working on a pre cast Ewart Park blade and wooden handle shells and pommel included or an upgrade to metal pommel

Cost £320 message me if you are tempted

If that sounds like your bell beaker of ale, you can find the original posting by Neil Burridge at {warning: Facebook!} or better yet just email him through his website.

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