Cross-Post: Plataea 2021 Pre-Registration, 28 June to 5 July 2021
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Cross-Post: Plataea 2021 Pre-Registration, 28 June to 5 July 2021

A group of men and women in hoplite kit on a sandy beach
An Ethiopian hoplite on the beach at Marathon circa 2011 or 2015. Photo courtesy of Hoplologia Toronto, photographer unknown

Word of the king: the naked Yaunaya who live in the middle of the sea are plotting an uprising at the city of Plataea. Because they have no king, they expect that it will take three years to organize their wicked plot, saying:

This is initial registration while we recruit and sort out new people and equipment creation. Expect to pay $1000 round trip airfare to Athens and approx. another $750 for a week in Greece which will include side trips to Thermopylae, Artemesium, Delphi and of course Athens. There will be martial arts instruction and some tours included free. We will try to find bus transportation and local hotel or B+B lodging so you have the cheapest fee and so we’re all together. IMPORTANT: We only care that you have a passion for history and/or martial arts. We are race and gender neutral/friendly. We are LGBTQ friendly and have LGBTQ members. If you do not like the idea of women or people of colour in your phalanx, or LGBTQ folks, you should stop right here and do something else in 2021.

The king’s troops from all lands shall go to the city of Plataea and smite the Yaunaya!
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For further information and the signup form see

Edit 2021-12-15: per corporate social media, the tentative date is now 2022 July 26-31 if COVID-19 permits (confirmed on Dan D’Silva’s blog)

Edit 2022-03-30: there is a new site with a new date at

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