Cross-Post: Roland Warzecha Workshops September 2018
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Cross-Post: Roland Warzecha Workshops September 2018

Dear sword & shield enthusiast,

you are receiving this message because you have either registered for a class in the History Park in September or in the past, or have expressed your general interest at some point.
Unfortunately, neither the class on September 1/2 nor the one on the following weekend of September 8/9 has met the required minimum number of participants.
I have therefore decided to offer a combined class focusing on mutual principles for your shield of choice, be it kite, heater or buckler.
We would cover the following topics:

Lying on top, lying beneath: Learn how to gain a superior shield bind, or how to respond with weakness if you are inferior in order to regain the upper.
Let the sword do the job: Learn how to deliver a sturzhau/plungeing blow either on the right or on the left to circumvent a shield and striking hard, yet without effort.
Commence calmly, conclude quickly: Learn how to use „tempo“, to most efficiently time your actions in relation to those of your opponent.
The geometry of victory: Learn how to be stronger by positioning your weapons instead of using muscle strength.

Please let me know within the next seven days if you are interested in such a weekend class, and pick your preferred weekend … Please also let me know your choice of shield.

I will either confirm or cancel classes within a week’s time.
You are welcome to pass this message and info on to any interested party. …

All the best,

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