The Cyrus Dossier
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The Cyrus Dossier

Back view of a small black songbird sitting on a lawn with several species of uneven grass
I am too tired to find some appropriate ancient picture, so how about this bird?

One of my articles is out in Ancient History Bulletin 32.1-2, “A Prosopography of the Followers of Cyrus the Younger.” This one is about the forgotten Cyreans: the ones whom Xenophon classed as part of ‘the barbarian army’ like Procles, Ariaeus, and Artapates. Where ancient historians have written quite a bit about men like Clearchus, and a famous article from 1963 studies men in ‘the Greek army,’ this is the first article to look at these men as a group (I hope to write another article on women like Aspasia the Phocaean and the Milesian woman, but that won’t be this decade).

This is a prosopography, so it takes a group of people each of whom we know a little about and spends a lot of energy tracking down their families, social backgrounds, careers, inter-relationships, and descendents. But it also cites cuneiform texts, Iranian philology, and suggests that the distinction between ‘the Greek army’ and ‘the barbarian army’ of Cyrus the Younger might not be what you think.

If you want a copy, please tell me so in the comments and I will email you one. Ancient History Bulletin also sells subscriptions and individual articles for a very reasonable rate. In two years, I will put it up on my site.

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2 thoughts on “The Cyrus Dossier

  1. Leslie thelwell says:

    Hey I would like a copy I’ve been looking for it every where and haven’t been able to find it . I came across it a long time ago back when you had it online and now it seems it’s gone 😭 anyways plz email it to me my email is

    1. Sean says:

      Hi Leslie, try this It looks like I’m allowed to post it online on my own domain since June 2020.

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