Cross-Post: Paladin Press is Shutting Down
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Cross-Post: Paladin Press is Shutting Down

Paladin Press in the USA, republisher of old military and intelligence manuals and publisher of the only handbook for plate armourers, an early interpretation of Sigmund Ringeck’s teachings on the longsword, and many excited books and videos with “combat” “tactical” “street” or “survival” in the title, is going out of business on 30 November 2017. Until the end of November, all of their products are on sale.

They helped a lot of skillful, quirky people get their knowledge into print, and they stood up against censorship for 47 years. Self-publishing companies owned by megacorps don’t provide as much help, and they never, ever censor exactly the things which you want them to censor while letting you read about the things that you want to read about.

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