Cross-Post: Bronze Sword Workshop, Scotland, 7-8 August
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Cross-Post: Bronze Sword Workshop, Scotland, 7-8 August

Six unpolished bronze swords laid on the grass
Photo care of Neil Burridge of Bronze Age Swords

Neil Burridge had to give up his annual bronze sword workshops when he noticed his competitors taking them, but he is making an exception this year. This one is not in Cornwall:

Bronze Sword Workshop 7th & 8th AUG Crannog Center
there are still 3 places left of the 6 contact them directly
01887 830583 this follows a history event over the weekend
Cost £100 stunning value

Bronze sword workshop
A two day workshop exploring the manufacture of bronze swords in the Late Bronze Age. The group will work together to cast a sword using charcoal and bronze age methods.
Then each participant will work on there own Ewart Park sword, cleaning, forging and looking at different ways handles were fitted. The development of leaf shaped blades though the late bronze age is the story of the Ewart Park sword making it the most prolific sword from this time in the British isles.

I believed that he means the Scottish Crannog Centre near Aberfeldy in Perthshire. You can find the original posting by Neil Burridge at {warning: Facebook!}

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0 thoughts on “Cross-Post: Bronze Sword Workshop, Scotland, 7-8 August

  1. meversbergii says:

    I had not known he had stopped doing them! I have been wanting to take one of his classes since I was a newbie on Bronze Age Center (that place still active?), but I have never really had the money to fly over. Any idea if it is gone forever, now?

    1. Sean Manning says:

      You would have to call the Crannog Centre and find out! I asked him last year and he said that he was not doing the camp-and-cast-a-sword workshops but occasionally demonstrated at Butseter Ancient Farm and places like that.

      1. meversbergii says:

        A real shame, that. Such is life! As is, I’ve had a hard enough time getting in contact with him to simply *buy* things. Been wanting to know if he’s remade his kopesh molds for ages now, but little to no response.

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