Some Good Armouring Channels
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Some Good Armouring Channels

A cuisse in progress, a sketch of the desired form, and a photo of an original piece by Jeff Wasson of Wasson Artistry

Today all kinds of skilful artisans are describing their work on YouTube, and some documentaries and demonstrations are available there. This makes it possible to learn about armouring on your laptop in the same way that 20 years ago you could learn about cooking or home repair on TV. Unfortunately, a simple keyword search will turn up both videos on historical armour and rants about video games, the New Zealand Army’s video on a trade, a British soldier grumbling about a change in pay scales, and other things not very helpful to someone interested in ancient and medieval armour. So this week I thought I would suggest some channels by good craftsmen who know what they are talking about. All of these links are videos hosted on a site owned by an American company which makes its money by tracking you [Google], so let the privacy-conscious or low-bandwidth clicker beware.

Jeff Wasson of Wasson Artistry, plattner
Armure Dubé, plattner {Canadian content!}
Greenleaf Workshop, plattner
James Arlen Gillaspie, plattner
WinterTree Crafts, plattner and brigandinier
Jessica Finley of Fühlen Designs, linen armourer
John Gruber of The Surly Anvil

There are probably many other good channels out there on making costume armour, or sports armour, or cosplay armour, or LARP armour, or modern concealable armour. I can’t speak to those because I do not know enough about what makes those kinds of armour excellent. I wish I could recommend good videos on making styles of armour other than plate from western Europe, but until then you can check out Royal Oak Armoury’s progress pictures on Facebook {more Canadian content!}

Dear readers, what are some of your favourite channels on armouring or other historical crafts? Do you know good channels on those other types of armour?

Edit 2018-02-14: Some American armourers like Andrey Yumanov, plattner {in Ukranian or Russian}

Edit 2021-11-01: Fixed links broken when WordPress introduced the block editor

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