A Paradise
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A Paradise

The steel gate to a cinderblock compound in Fars
The gate to the Izadi paradise. As a prosperous country family, their walls are all cinderblocks, not mud brick or fieldstone.

παράδεισ-ος -ου, masuline noun, from Avestan pairidaēza-, Old Persian +paridaida-, Median +paridaiza- (walled-around, i.e., a walled garden), an enclosed park or pleasure-ground …

Dictionaries rarely have room to illustrate many entries, even when this works better than a written definition. On this blog, however, I am free to use more pictures than words!

The Izadi paradise is on the road from Shiraz to Isfahan. It provides a convenient stop for overheated tourists to eat the important food groups of salt, carbohydrates, and fats.

Some Franks sitting along the canal in the Izadi paradise and eating lunch

Like all the best things in Iran, there is a helpful trilingual inscription so that visitors interpret what they see correctly. This one is in Farsi, English, and German not in Old Persian, Elamite, and Babylonian.

A helpful sign at the Izadi paradise: Izadi Ag.Gar-Complex, Altitude 1855, winter -12, summer +38, irrigation by a well 50 metres – area 100 act. 50 act. garden. appricot – grapes – apple – peaches- pomegranites- 50 act. corn barley – founded 1978- we have spent a lot of time and money reclaiming the land from the desert

Further Reading: Mehrdad Fakour, “Garden i. Achaemenid Period,” Encyclopedia Iranica http://www.iranicaonline.org/articles/garden-i

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