The Forces of Madness Renew the Assault
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The Forces of Madness Renew the Assault

Not even the weapons of Erra and the scornful ghosts of the Innsbrucker Schneiderkunst can stop this madness.

The inside of a white cotton jacket with many visible modifications and unfinished seams
The armpit of the second mockup after a series of … interventions.

The front, upper back, and lower back of a white cotton jacket cut apart and laid on the floot
The second mockup disassembled and ready to take a pattern from
A line drawing of the body of a jacket with a large armhole laid out as a pattern
Adrien Harmand’s pattern for an original garment with this cut. Scan by Le Rozier des Guerres
A paper pattern weighted down with books and laid atop a partially cut piece of brown linen
Part way through cutting the lining
Piles of cut cloth for a jacket on a tabletop, with two types of cloth per pile
The inner and middle layers piled ready to insert the stuffing
Two layers of the upper sleeve laid upon a table, coarse linen up, with a line of coarse white thread near one edge
Basting to prevent the stuffing from shifting during quilting. Modern conveniences like quilt batting (replacing raw cotton) have modern inconveniences.

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