Heraclitus Sighted in Innsbruck
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Heraclitus Sighted in Innsbruck

A steel construction fence of wires and tubes with tall stone houses and snowy mountains in the background.  A panel of cloth on the fence has a photo of a hand reaching towards a stream and the label "Alles fließt"
I am more familiar with this one as πάντα ῥεί but “Alles Fließt” and “everything flows” are perfectly fine translations too. Looking north from the Innsbrucker Marktplatz not so far from Conrad Seusenhofer’s house and the mansions and warehouses turned hotels and souvenier shops, April 2016.

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0 thoughts on “Heraclitus Sighted in Innsbruck

  1. Aaron says:

    =) not bad this ad. Looks like there are humanistisch gebildete people among the employees of the IKB. They even placed it quite next to the Inn’s shores, which fits well. But that might have been by chance. I hope the next post will be a Heraclitus look alike inhabitant of Innsbruck 😉

    1. Sean Manning says:

      Vielleicht sollte ich Bildnisse von Heraclit auf Google Images suchen, um sein Gesicht zu erkennen 😉

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