Cross-Post: Conference on Experiencing Warfare in the Ancient World, Brock University, February 2016
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Cross-Post: Conference on Experiencing Warfare in the Ancient World, Brock University, February 2016

FEBRUARY 6, 2016

From Stephanie Culp

The Classics Graduate Program at Brock University is pleased to announce an interdisciplinary conference exploring the experience of warfare in the ancient world. How were the ancients affected by warfare? What can the literature and material remains they left behind tell us of the changes that war brought to these civilizations? Topics on the subject can include but are not limited to:

─ Weapons and Technology
─ Warfare in Literature
─ Women in Warfare
─ Representing Warfare in Archaeology
─ Creating Military Monuments in the Ancient World
─ Social Organization of Military Systems
─ Military and the Political Sphere

This year’s keynote speaker is Peter Meineck, a Clinical Professor of Classics at NYU. Dr. Meineck is the founder and former artistic director of the Aquila Theatre and recently co-edited a collection entitled Combat Trauma and the Ancient Greeks.

Scholars from the fields of Classics, Archeology, Near Eastern Studies, History, Anthropology, English, Contemporary Film Studies, Art History, Philosophy and Psychology are welcome to submit abstracts for consideration as well as any other academic disciplines that touch on this subject. Proposals for 15–20 minute paper presentations should include the presenter’s name, e-mail address, tentative title, a 200-word abstract, a short (150-word) bio, as well as an indication of whether any computing or electronic equipment (e.g., laptop, projector) will be needed. Please submit proposals by December 15, 2015 to

I can’t afford to attend, but this is certainly a promising development.

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