A Battle of Greeks and Barbarians
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A Battle of Greeks and Barbarians

Since I am too busy this week to spare many words, I thought I would post some pictures instead. This relief from a sarcophagus belongs to the Palazzo Ducale, Mantua. The caption dates it to the second quarter of the second century CE and labels it as a battle of Greeks and Amazons, but the barbarians look awfully masculine to me.


A horseman, in one of the postures which nobles in Achaemenid Anatolia liked on their sarcophagi:


Another rider tramples his enemies.


An infantryman, with his sword arm cocked in the classic pose of Roman art (or the Solokha Comb from Scythia!)


A fallen barbarian, with the six-sided, emblazoned shield which marked “northern barbarians” in Roman art.


(You can click on any of these images to enlarge them; all belong to me)

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